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Additional add on's

These popular add on's allow you to customize your detail

Headlight Restoration

We offer head light restoration as well! It's no secret that Red Line has it's roots in public safety. Ensuring you can see the road at night is extremely important! Mobile headlight restoration is only 30.00 dollars each light!


Ceramic Coating Glass & Wheels

I've had several customers say that after having their windshield ceramic coated they don't even need their wipers in the rain! Now, we wouldn't recommend that but seeing is believing! Not having to worry about seeing when you drive in in-climate weather is PRICELESS! Windows and glass coated starts at 150.00 dollars and lasts up to 2 entire years! Wheel faces coated at 30.00 dollars each wheel!

Fabric Ceramic

Have kids? Pets? Always in your vehicle? Then fabric ceramic is for you! Fabric ceramic creates a hydrophobic barrier between liquids and your carpet, seats, leather and other surfaces! Messes "bead" up and are easily blotted up with a towel. Interior ceramic starts at 150.00 dollars for cars and 200.00 dollars for trucks and SUV's.

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